Corporate and Fundraising

Corporate Gifts

Supporting Not-for-Profit Adamstown Pudding Kitchen as part of your annual corporate gift giving, you can now give twice. Once, to your valued customers, and again to the community through your purchase from the Adamstown Pudding Kitchen.​


Are you having a party or getting together with family and friends? Gourmet Puddings are the perfect desert, rich and delicious and a crowd favourite. We have bulk order options from 10 Puddings + and can deliver large quantities of Puddings to your specifications.


Adamstown Pudding Kitchen can provide your organisation with all the tools for a successful Fundraiser. Our delicious Traditional and Gourmet Puddings can be a great way to generate extra funds for your preschool, school, or community group. We can assist you generate a perfect offering for your organisation.

Bus Tours

We are now offering complimentary Christmas Pudding, Gourmet Pudding and Sauce tastings with free Tea and Coffee for bus tour groups in November and December 2016.

A free mini Pudding for Bus Drivers.

Should you like to be involved, please contact us on email

Contact us for full details on how we can assist your group, school or organisation.​