Customer feedback

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers​ and proud community have to say. Many of our customers have been loyally purchasing our puddings for 20+ years!

APK Puddings – luxurious flavour full of real fruit, real eggs, real brandy – topped off by APK sauces, they have no equal! One piece is never enough! – Jenny
I like knowing that when I purchase a Pudding I'm buying a preservative free hand made product and it has that nostalgic taste from my childhood when my Nanna made her Puddings in a huge ceramic bowl and cooked them in a pudding cloth in the old copper – Suzanne

The Pudding Kitchen over the years has raised funds which has helped many of Adamstown Uniting Church's outreach programs and also created a wonderful community of volunteers who continue their friendship throughout the years – Chris

Adamstown Pudding Kitchen enriches lives throughout the community by giving back to charities in Australia and Overseas – Jenny​​​​

We'd love to hear what you think of our puddings. What's your favourite? What flavour pudding or gourmet sauce would you like to see us create next? Email us below.​​​